How to faceswap yourself with celebrities?

January 1 2024

This walkthrough will show you how to face swap yourself with any of your favorite celebrities with an easy to use website!


1. Head over to website

Headover to

2. Upload picture of yourself

On the right hand side under 'Upload picture with a face', upload a clear picture of your face. You may also paste an image using a link if you have one.


3. Upload celebrity picture

Under 'Upload the other picture to replace ', upload a clear picture of the celebrity you wish to swap out with your face, or you can select from the list of preselected celebrities by clicking the select tab


3. Do the swap

Under 'Click to face swap! ', simply hit the swap button and give it a little bit of time for it to finish.


3. You are done!

You will now see your swapped image on the left hand side! You can download the image and share with your friends.